Science Initiative

Each year thousands of junior and senior high school students across the nation undertake science projects.

Many students look for a simple project that they can do quickly to satisfy a class requirement.

Others look for a more sophisticated project. One that will ...

  • involve an in-depth investigation of an idea in which the outcome is not known in advance;
  • provide an opportunity to apply scientific methodology in seeking answers to a problem.

It is for this latter group of students that the textbooks and pamphlets presented on this website were written.

Teachers may also find the textbooks useful for their classrooms.

Students at Ohio Science Day

Does Your School Participate in Science Fairs?

"If you are a teacher who wants to improve your skills and the skills of your students planning to present at local science fairs, then Richard Neuhaus's Science Project series is a great starting point."
James W. Jetter, Ph.D.
Journal of Chemical Education
September 1, 2010
See full review

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